Through the generosity of community and individual donors -
We provide books and learning tools.

Arizona: Nations and Art


By inspiring learning an literacy we hope to help our next generation to suceed.

Arizona: Nations and Art


We promote the excitement of learning, and support the power of a child's mind.

Arizona: Nations and Arts

Arizona: Nations and Art


Our books help students and educators build a solid educational foundation.

What we do?

Adi Benning

"We support the education of our children, in particular the under-served and under-represented and create bonds based on respect, reaching all social & economic demographics."

Adi Benning

Family literacy today for a stronger tomorrow

Inspire the spirit of curiosity, promote the excitement of learning and support the power of a child's mind.

By providing the foundations kids need to excel in school and life, our programs create a generation of invested learners.

The result? By embedding literacy concepts students advance to middle school with a base knowledge in core subjects enabling true learning and a more engaged and literate student population.